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"We provide heavy duty heating blankets to serve the composite industry, for post curing of Fiberglass pipe bonding and laminating joints."

About us

SAS24-llc (Supply and Services 24 hours) is Specialised in the design, manufacturing and sales of Heating blankets, Drum heaters and Drum heating Insulation Jackets.

Our products are mainly being used for in the oil and gas industry.

The design is developed and engineered in the UAE and the production is being handled by our partners in China.

SAS24 owner has over +30 years’ hands-on experience in the usage and in the handling of the GRE Heating blankets in the field.

Heating blankets are being used for the Fiberglass pipe installation for post curing of lamination and Bonding joints.

Further we design, Manufacture and sell Drum heaters.

Drum heating Jackets are being used in the, chemical, oil & gas and food industries to heat up oily thick substances to make more liquid in order to prepare them for pouring and pumping out from the drum and containers.

We always listen to our clients and manufacture as per client wishes, our inhouse engineering will find a solution for you.

Before shipping our product to our valuable clients, all products are passing our QC department which is based in the UAE. All products will have a unique product number and a material test Certificate.


SAS24... The leading company in Heating solutions.

Our R & D department is developing new type of blankets, as per client requests and as per the demanding market...


quality assurance

SAS24 heating blankets are CE and RoHS certified, which means that they meet the highest standards of electrical safety and environmental compliance. They are IP-65 Rated:

Dust and water proof.

They are made with high-quality materials and manufacturing methods, and they are designed to provide years of reliable use to a variety of applications.

easy installation

SAS24 heating blankets are easy to install and can be handled by anyone with basic DIY skills.. All our heating blankets are standard Equipped with integrated variable temperature regulators. a benefit is that no separate temperature controller unit is required to be purchased.

However we can supply with separate digital controller upon request.

free quotation and consultation

We provide free consultation within 24 hours, and you will receive a personalized quotation tailored to your specific needs.

Our expert team is ready to help you achieve your business goals. We are available by WhatsApp, mobile and email 24/7.


SAS24 Blankets and Jackets are fully designed by SAS24 – UAE, and manufactured by our joint venture manufacturer and colleagues in China, for over the past +10 years under our UAE controlled QC department.

Products Offered


Heating Blankets for GRE Fiberglass Piping


Heating blankets are electrical heaters used for fiberglass pipe joint curing, made of special rubber that includes an electrical element with temperature control thermostats. Fiberglass pipe can be called GRP pipe, FRP pipe, GRE pipe or/and RTP pipe.


GRE heating blankets used for Fiberglass (GRE, GRP , RTR , FRP) pipe joint forced curing are our special product which we manufactured after long experience in GRE pipe installation.

A GRE heating blanket is a heat source that maintains a constant temperature during the pipe adhesive curing process.

Our GRE heating blankets are equipped with Integrated controller(s) that regulate the temperature from 20°C up to 200°C. Besides our Heating Blanket are being used for GRE pipe and laminate joint curing, the blankets are also used for heating liquid drums and barrels, etc.


Special Note:


  • Our heating blankets are being custom made to the wishes of our customers.

  • We do have solutions for manufacturing pipe heaters for up to 1,800 Dia (72”) or even larger pipe joints.

  •  We can design custom made into many shapes and sizes, (circular, rectangular, square, etc)

  •  When off list sizes are required, please contact us and we shall find a solution !



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Drum Heating Jackets


Besides from GRE Heating blankets we also manufacture and supply Drum Heaters Insulated Jacket and IBC-tank Heaters Insulated Jacket of all sizes to all for all purposes.

We have a long history of supply, and the customer can rely on our experience when it comes to customized solutions.

Drum heaters are heavy duty insulated jackets, equipped with a digital temperature controller with temperature & time setting functions.


The drum / IBC heating jackets are being used frequently for mixing at specific temperatures and to keep the temperature fixed at the desired set point.

The jacket heater is highly efficient in energy savings when compared to a traditional silicone band heater, since it insulates the entire drum and ensures minimal heat loss.

The materials used in our jacket heater are fire-retarding, both the heating wire and outer fabric are waterproof.


The jacket heater for IBC / Tote container is designed with upper and lower heat zones, each with separate thermostatic control.

This allows for the upper heating zone to be switched off once the content level has fallen below halfway.

The application is mainly for the chemical industry, building materials industry, cement industry, paints industry, food industry, etc.


Again we state that :


When off list sizes are required, please contact us as per below details, and we shall find a solution for you !


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